Mardi gras fair day 2024


Thanks for scanning the QR code to learn more about PridePoint.

PridePoint is a (very) small business run by myself (Morgan). My pronouns are they/them. PridePoint started because I wanted a bracelet and didn't want to pay international shipping, so I made it myself. I then started selling bracelets and slowly expanded the range of designs I made. In June of 2021, I created the first version of this website selling handmade bracelets as well as flags and pins. I've been adding to it ever since! My particular focus is stocking pride flags and pins for identities that are usually overlooked and not celebrated. I love being able to provide pride items for people who usually can't find anything that represents them. All of the PridePoint bracelets are handmade to order, so they can be made with any flag or combination of flags you want. Requests for new designs on the large flags are always welcome and I order new designs a couple of times a year!

You can find contact details and links to PridePoint social media accounts below. I'd love to see photos of your PridePoint products in use!


Facebook: @PridePointAU

Instagram: @PridePointAU

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions/suggestions/feedback. I love hearing from you!