Bisexual pride ring

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Bisexual pride ring.

Stainless steel with enamel colouring.

This ring is durable with everyday wear, however to keep it in good condition for as long as possible it should be removed during showers, handwashing dishes, and other situations where it may be exposed to heat and/or soap.

What is bisexuality?

Bisexuality is a sexual orientation characterized by the potential for romantic or sexual attraction to individuals of more than one gender. Bisexual individuals are capable of experiencing attraction to people of both their own gender and other genders. It's important to note that bisexuality does not imply an equal or fixed attraction to all genders, nor does it suggest that attraction must be evenly divided. Rather, it acknowledges the capacity for attraction to be fluid and diverse, recognizing that love and desire can transcend the binary concept of gender.

Customer Reviews

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yes, simply yes

Fits perfectly, great quality, delivery was quick and I love the cute stickers that came with it, the only thing I would suggest is having a size chart with multiple countries and such so it’s easier to figure out ring sizes without having to go onto different websites to find a chart

10/10 would buy again

Kim Kemmis
The perfect ring

I love my bi pride ring - it looks great and fits perfectly. The curved surface inside the ring makes it very comfortable and easy to take off.

Happy couple

Great products, my wife's fitted perfectly, mine the size 11 was a bit too tight to wear on my normal finger, but now hangs on my necklace

Ana Maria

Ring quality is great. Thick so it won't warp :)


It took a while to arrive but it was gorgeous and a perfect fit (which has been a problem in the past because I have quite wide fingers) So lovely to have a subtle bit of pride jewellery to wear around. Would recommend.