Genderfluid pride bracelet - fishtail

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See Measurement Guide

This pride bracelet is made from highly durable paracord. It is custom made to fit you so there may be slight variations from the item pictured.



Please note that while bracelets can be made to any size, bracelets with a buckle are not adjustable once made.

To ensure you receive the correct size, please measure your wrist with a flexible tape or use a piece of string and measure against a tape measure.


Bracelets will be made to have an internal circumference of the requested size - this means that you should measure loosely around your wrist and go up a size if you'd like a loose bracelet.


Returns and exchanges will not be offered if you have chosen an incorrect size. Please contact me if you'd like assistance deciding what size to order.

What does genderfluid mean?

Genderfluid is a gender identity within the LGBTQ+ spectrum characterized by a fluid or changing experience of gender. Individuals who identify as genderfluid may experience different gender identities at different times, feeling more masculine, feminine, or non-binary on various occasions. Their gender identity may shift over hours, days, or even longer periods. Genderfluid people embrace the fluidity of gender and reject the idea that gender is fixed or binary. This identity reflects the understanding that gender is a complex and diverse aspect of human experience, allowing individuals to express themselves in ways that align with their feelings and experiences at any given moment.

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My little one loves it they got it with their birthday money and they couldn’t be more happy thank you 😁


Super strong and well created. My partner loves it!