Genderfluid pride rainbow-shaped small enamel pin

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Small pride pin. 25mm X 15mm

Hard enamel with secure locking clasp.

What does genderfluid mean?

Genderfluid is a gender identity within the LGBTQ+ spectrum characterized by a fluid or changing experience of gender. Individuals who identify as genderfluid may experience different gender identities at different times, feeling more masculine, feminine, or non-binary on various occasions. Their gender identity may shift over hours, days, or even longer periods. Genderfluid people embrace the fluidity of gender and reject the idea that gender is fixed or binary. This identity reflects the understanding that gender is a complex and diverse aspect of human experience, allowing individuals to express themselves in ways that align with their feelings and experiences at any given moment.

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Great quality. Fast postage! Highly recommend

Kate Mitchell
Gender fluid pin

Xmas gift - so well received there was a squeal of delight. Great value for such good quality.