Trans pride necklace

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Alloy necklace with chain and transgender symbol.

Chain length (clasp to pendant) approx 25cm/10 inches


What does transgender mean?

Transgender is a term used to describe individuals whose gender identity differs from the sex assigned to them at birth. In other words, a transgender person identifies with a gender that is not the same as the one they were categorized as at birth based on their physical characteristics (such as genitalia or chromosomes). Transgender is a broad term that includes those that align with a binary gender, those that align with a non-binary gender, those with multiple genders, and those with none.

It's important to understand that gender identity is deeply personal and intrinsic, and a person's gender identity should be respected and affirmed. Transgender individuals often undergo a process known as transitioning, which may include social, medical, or legal changes to align their external presentation and life experiences with their gender identity. Transitioning can involve various aspects, such as changing one's name, pronouns, clothing, or undergoing medical interventions like hormone therapy or surgery.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent products

Great quality products and fast delivery.

Luna Darcovich
Really cute but fell apart :(

My partner got this for me and I love it it's a really cute way to have part of my identity on me all the time, but I had an issue where the chain was so small it kept getting caught in the pendent in the combined mars and venus symbol part and eventually when trying to get it out the chain broke :( I also found that the chain itself tarnished quite quickly, however I was wearing it 24/7


Sensational quality and super affordable!

Asher Jax

Its is amazing, i love it and it shows myself in it. I just feel so more me and it is a symbol for myself to show that this is me and i will never change for anyone.


Amazing, the symbol itself is a little thinner than I thought it would be but for like 6 bucks its a pretty good little necklace