Transgender pride flag 3' X 5'

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Large 3’ X 5’ pride flag with header and 2 grommets.

Double stitched for durability.

Vibrant colours on both sides.


What does transgender mean?

Transgender is a term used to describe individuals whose gender identity differs from the sex assigned to them at birth. In other words, a transgender person identifies with a gender that is not the same as the one they were categorized as at birth based on their physical characteristics (such as genitalia or chromosomes). Transgender is a broad term that includes those that align with a binary gender, those that align with a non-binary gender, those with multiple genders, and those with none.

It's important to understand that gender identity is deeply personal and intrinsic, and a person's gender identity should be respected and affirmed. Transgender individuals often undergo a process known as transitioning, which may include social, medical, or legal changes to align their external presentation and life experiences with their gender identity. Transitioning can involve various aspects, such as changing one's name, pronouns, clothing, or undergoing medical interventions like hormone therapy or surgery.

Customer Reviews

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Transgender pride flag 3' X 5'

Lindy Orthia
Great product, fast service

Needed two flags urgently and got them the same day and now they hang in our house - 100% recommend PridePoint :)

Jennifer Green

Transgender pride flag 3' X 5'


The flag matched description but it came with a tiny hole in it.


Good quality and perfect size, thank you.